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The next level has now been defined. It is not a place, a mark, or even a measurement. It has no destination. It comfortably resides in the reality that we each are a work in progress. It is a thought process, it is a way of being; it is thought and action in motion. It is the ultimate in collaboration. Its definitive language is in using words like: autonomy, interdependence, synchronicity, and ultimately, universal excellence. It is re-defining good. It is not only being good, it is being so good that you want all around you to be good not just your team but your entire organization. It is not just being good, but being good enough to share without feeling threatened. 

It is the incredible recognition that it is the tide that carries the ships (teams) and a high tide truly lifts all ships (teams). It is recognizing that it is not enough to be a winner but to be a winner on the winning team the total team. Leaders all over the world are now asking a new question: are you good enough to share? The Winds of Change are no longer creating surprises but epiphanies. They are revealing what appears to be superhuman qualities that most of us never knew were within us. They are showing us just how good we are. As the geographic boundaries are being moved by technology, and the standards are being changed by competition, empowerment is no longer negotiable it has become a part of the survival landscape. 

It is no secret; customers are really controlling it all through their elusive expectations and their power to choose. Professionals in all disciplines are having to make clear and personal choices. Do I stay or do I go? If I stay, am I willing to accept the challenge of staying good because there is no time to get good? Finally, the question must be answered, Am I good enough to share?  Once these choices have been made, then the race is on to find, refine, and share our personal best. 

We must accept the fact that no person, no team is as good as the total team. We must prepare to seek synchronicity in pursuit of ultimate customer satisfaction resulting in gaining and maintaining market-share. We must look beyond our parochial vision. There is no book to teach this, there are no seminars to train this. There are no gurus who have mastered this. The answers reside in each of us. There is no shortage of competence in the workplace of the champion. The teaching has been done and each of us has become the teacher. The new work is internal and continuous. It is self propelled and self fulfilling. It will define us individually and collectively. 

The work awaits you as the new student. The work has become the new teacher. We simply must accept the challenge of the unknown and remain ready to adapt if we are to survive. There is an Estonian Proverb that says: The work will teach you how to do it. There is no greater statement. We simply must be prepared to adapt and we must remember, to adapt is to survive. So, I ask you once again, are you good enough to share? Your answer will determine both your attitude and your altitude as we all move toward the next level. This is the New Breed of Excellence. History is being re-written, write your chapter. 

Ivory Dorsey delivers timeless and catalytic wisdom for the performing workplace: multi-dimensional, in her approach to soft skill areas including: Change, leadership, Sales, Purpose, and Diversity. She is a speaker for today's changing times.




Purpose, Motivation, & Wellness

Ivory Dorsey


Excellence usually follows epiphanies and execution usually precedes excellence.  After many years in the work place, I have received an epiphany; people don’t do their best because they do not understand their purpose.  I mean their real purpose in life.  When people understand their purpose, they execute at the highest level everywhere they go, especially at work.  Their purpose is who they are.  God says:  I know the plans I have for you.  Do we know the plans He has for us?  If we knew, would we do things differently?


The motivation to achieve is built in because every step brings them deeper and deeper into who they are.  The challenge comes when they want to execute and because of low energy, over weight, and poor health, they are unable to deliver with the intensity they choose.  “The horse that can’t get up—can’t get out.”

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Performing in the Midst of Positive Chaos  
By:  Ivory Dorsey
Chaos, by its very nature implies unpredictable and unstable.  Real professionals eat chaos for breakfast.  Think about it, if things were predictable and stable, there probably would not be available opportunity.  Clients would be comfortably committed to their existing state of being as well as their existing systems. There would be no need for change, only the status quo and upgrades.   Sales professionals would be “order takers.”  Most companies would be in a “maintenance mode.”  This is a breeding ground for mediocrity.  It is also very much in the past.
The factors of competition, technology, and customer choice are known factors in the market place; sheer empowerment is the catalyst for activating all of the factors.  The power of choice is pervasive in our world at all levels.  As a result, change is constant and the marketplace is unpredictable and chaotic.   Some clients are thriving in the midst of chaos while many are struggling.   Professionals must demystify the chaos with well honed skills balanced with soft skills.  A positive attitude, knowledge of the marketplace, and positive potential solutions are non negotiable skills as well.
While today’s workplace is, no doubt, in a state of chaos, it is positive chaos.  It is continually creating opportunities for change and growth.  If we are to survive, we must adapt.  Our charge is to observe, assess, plan, and act.  Let’s get busy.







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